Senior Power BI Developer

Senior Power BI Developer

Job Description

As a Senior Power BI Developer, you will be responsible for:

  • Technical Requirements Gathering and Development of Functional Specifications
  • Translating business needs into technical specifications.
  • Developing reporting systems that provide accessible information for decision-making.
  • Using warehouse data to generate reports to support business decision-making and business performance monitoring.
  • Maintaining data analytics platforms.
  • Evaluating and improving existing BI-related systems.
  • Conducting troubleshooting on data models.
  • Generating and delivering quality reports to customers and performing quality assurance checks

Profile Requirements

For this position of Senior Power BI Developer, we are looking for someone with:

  • (Required) A Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or related field
  • (Required) At least 5 years of experience as a BI Developer and/or data warehouse design
  • (Required) Fluency in English
  • (Required) Technical expertise in Power BI, Analysis Services, Tabular Models and DAX
  • (Required) Strong problem-solving and analytical skills, attention to detail and teamwork
  • (Required) Good communication skills
  • (Required) Career path ambition – Motivation for a management position in a foreign company
  • (Required) Work diligence & initiative – “Deliver no Matter What” attitude
  • (Optional) Skilled in Azure SQL Database, SQL Server and SAP HANA is a plus


For this position of Senior Power BI Developer, we plan to offer you:

  • Starting Monthly Salary = 60,000 – 100,000 THB (Negotiable)
  • Semi-Annual Bonus = Negotiable
  • Provident Fund Enrollment
  • Corporate Health Insurance Enrollment
  • Annual Vacation & Holidays = 12+18 days
  • Flexible Work Hours and Home Office Policy
  • Intraday and Business Travel Allowance
  • Work & Travel Opportunities in EU and Canada

About Adastra


Our people and their collective expertise are the basis of Adastra’s prowess. Adastrans collaborate across functions, competencies, sectors, and geographies to tackle interesting and complex data-related challenges. Adastrans are self-driven, data-driven powerhouses with a passion for all things data.

World Team Collaboration

Adastrans work closely with our clients and other offices to help them protect existing data investments, harness their data assets and unlock their business value by leveraging advanced tools, technologies, and methodologies. You will work with a distributed team around the world either remotely or in person. Yes, Adastrans have an opportunity to travel around the world - visit Canada, USA, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, Bulgaria or Australia… or stay home and login conveniently remotely. Data has no borders and requires no visas or work permits… but if you do – Adastra will take care and will even cover the costs.

Professional Advancement

Adastra is a well-established enterprise with 2000+ employees around the world. Adastra Thailand, however, is still a baby. We are actively building our own management capacity and are constantly looking for smart, motivated and capable individuals who can be then quickly promoted to managerial positions in the organization as we grow in numbers. Your career path may take you to technical expertise leadership role, human management or all the way to an executive position in the company quickly. You will be assigned a talent mentor when you join the company and they will guide you with their own expertise and experience along your own career path.

Flexible Work Hours and Home Office

At Adastra we value efficiency and availability over strict office hours. At Adastra you are free to come late to work or leave early to beat the traffic. You may have a late call with a client then sitting conveniently at your home or take the full day working from home if you need to. We are as flexible as we could be and clients allow us. We shall judge you for the work done, not for the hours spent on office premises. 

Lifelong Learning

Adastra is as strong as Adastrans are. We invest heavily in your personal and professional development to ensure that you reach your potential with us. We have dozens of proprietary Information Management courses within our Adastra Academy network and invest in external courses and certifications for our people. You will never get bored.

Let’s Talk About Money

Adastrans are evaluated based on their experience and skillset and are allocated into (a) competitive salary grades. Additionally, Adastrans receive (b) a performance bonus, (c) an additional Health Insurance coverage, (d) provident fund contributions and (e) some other perks that we shall talk about when we meet. At all times we try to be transparent over your performance and the business reality and hence maintain a happy win-win-win symbiosis between shareholders, clients and Adastrans.

More About Adastra:

Visit http://adastragrp.com and/or contact us: HRTH@adastragrp.com

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