Cloud DWH in a Box

On-Prem Database Migration to the Cloud - Made Easy

The Cloud DWH in a Box solution allows companies to easily migrate their on-premise database architecture to their cloud vendor of choice. Adastra is cloud agnostic partnering with all major players in the field such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform. The solution allows rapid time-to-market by leveraging industry specific data model, source system interfaces, reporting and analytical design patterns. A well tailored solution aligned with clients needs will provides a single source of truth for reporting, facilitate advanced analytics and data discovery utilizing same on-premise data assets but without the hassle and upfront infrastructure cost. One size doesn’t fit all. The user journey will start with analysis of you needs and complexity of enterprise data flows so that you feel comfortable with us lifting and shifting your data to the next generation of cloud infrastructure. Book time with one of our technical pre-sales specialist for an overview of your needs.

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