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Data Integration or ETL (extract-transform-load) is arguably the most critical and costly part of any Information Management system. According to Gartner, ETL specialists comprise 45% of an organization’s Information Management staff. More than 50% of the cost of all development work for any IM project comes from ETL design and development. ETL is especially critical in data mining applications where more than 80% of all work is spent on data preparation, including integration.

Because Data Integration is at the core of Information Management, it forms a foundational component of the services Adastra has successfully been bringing to the market for over a decade. Our tool-based approach leverages the latest in Data Integration technologies, in which our extensive team of Data Integration experts are trained.

Whether you are about to embark on a rebuild of your IM infrastructure, or you are just looking to upgrade your technologies to a better-supported and more robust platform, Adastra has the experience and expertise to help.

Why Adastra

Engage Adastra to help you choose a tool and implement a Data Integration solution.

  • Leverage Adastra methodologies, developed over more than a decade of successful projects.

  • Adastra’s unique blend of technical, strategic, and practical know-how ensures a quick and comprehensive analysis of your current environment

  • Technology leadership and vendor-independence—Adastra works with all the major Data Integration tools and makes sure your solution matches your requirements, rather than the limitations of any technology

  • Speed to implementation—Information Management is all we do, and we get you up and running quickly

  • Effective training and detailed documentation ensure self-sufficiency

  • Flexible, focused service—instead of the limitations of a subscription model, Adastra provides the flexibility of professional, expert service in short, focused engagements

  • Cost competitive service, leveraging expert local resources, as well as our Bestshoring solution for lower total cost of ownership

Data Integration Projects

  • Tool selection

  • Helps you determine the right Data Integration tool based on your organization’s needs

  • Situation analysis

  • Assesses the current state of your Information Management environment

  • Step-by-step Data Integration roadmap

  • Details specific steps of a roadmap, including plans and budgets

  • Tool upgrades Leverage the latest version of your current suite, or migrate away from your legacy tool to a more supported tool

  • Complete Data Integration service, as part of a broader, end-to-end Information Management solution, or as support for an ongoing project

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